HORROR IN YBOR CITY-The Victor Licata Murders

A man with a very large forehead and eyes.

Blood soaked the beds and dripped off the sides, forming thick red puddles on the wooden floors of the Ybor City casita. Mangled and mutilated bodies were strewn throughout the house. A dying boy lay in his bed, struggling for his next breath. And under the front porch, a dog caked in its blood let…

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A black and white drawing of a giant gorilla

That’s not always the café con leche and tobacco smoke you smell wafting through the streets of Ybor City. GASP! It’s true! Like all around the world, people in Ybor smoke (cue ominous thunder noise) MARIJUANA! No, it can’t be true! Say it’s not so! Sorry, but it’s so. Not only are your Ybor City…

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